Who is Jake Cuerpo?

Who is Jake Cuerpo?

Decades of experience in the tattoo industry made Jake Cuerpo one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in the Philippines today. His name is highly respected by industry experts and tattoo collectors in the country. The length of time Jake has been in the industry isn’t what makes him the great artist that he is—it is first and foremost his expert skills that remain unmatched even by many of today’s seasoned artists.

His first tattoo sparked his interest in the craft. He eventually chose to become a tattoo artist and made it his full-time profession. Jake’s career highlights include attending international conventions in Saipan, Thailand and more, as well as his trip to South Korea in the 2000’s as a tattoo artist.

Jake has his own share of numerous local and international awards. Eventually, he no longer had to enter competitions to make a bigger name of his own. He is now being invited as host or judge of large tattoo conventions, and with this opportunity, he is able to help uplift the rest of the Filipino tattoo community.

Over the years, Jake has tattooed countless individuals from here and abroad. Among some of the famous names he remembers having worked on are Regine Velasquez, Troy Montero, the Kramer couple, Jhong Hilario, and a number of athletes and politicians. He also shared that he has tattooed several doctors and at one point, even a priest.

While Jake is highly skilled in most tattoo styles, his expertise includes Polynesian, Maori, Filipino tribal, and other similar designs. In the past, he preferred tattooing Oriental and Japanese designs. Just like tribal tattoos, he says these designs are enjoyable to work on, as the artist can be more creative with the flow of the design. You can extend the design and add more elements to the actual tattoo.

Also a founding artist of P&P tattoo along with Myke Sambajon, Jake stays humble and continues to dream for himself and other artists too. He hopes that his knowledge and skill in tattoo widens even more and he wishes that the Filipino talent in tattooing could be recognized on a worldwide platform.

Every day as a tattoo artist is a memorable experience for Jake. Each client is unique even if some designs are similar—there’s always a story behind every tattoo.

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