Who is Myke Sambajon?

Who is Myke Sambajon?

Undeniably one of the biggest names in the Philippine tattoo industry, Myke Sambajon already started tattooing even before many of today’s tattoo artists were born. Straight out of high school back in 1989, he was inspired to build his own tattoo machine and ink his own skin after getting his first tattoo magazine from a book sale. His DIY machine then made its way to the skin of many of his friends and future clients.

Of course, just like many tattoo artists, Myke had his own share of small mistakes at first. He used these mistakes to further motivate himself to become a better artist. Naturally talented and born with a gift of art, he officially became a professional tattoo artist in 1991—way before tattooing was accepted by the general Philippine public.

By word of mouth, he slowly but surely gained more clients. Among his most memorable clients is the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona. Myke gives credit to Francis M for spreading word about his services. He endorsed Myke on radio shows and would refer him to friends. The artist-client relationship became a strong bond of brotherhood; a friendship that Myke treasures even today.

Myke proudly shares that he was one of the tattoo artists invited by the Philippine Senate back in the mid-1990’s. They were asked to explain and defend the tattoo industry in terms of public health and safety. The hearing ended up successful and made way for tattooing to become more acceptable to the public.

He eventually became one of the founders of the first tattoo organization in the Philippines, PHILTAG (Philippine tattoo Artist Guild). Myke, along with other PHILTAG members, were able to diminish the impression among Filipinos that tattoos were only for criminals and ex-cons.

Through the years, Myke became a multi-awarded tattoo artist in local and international conventions. Today, he is one of the most respected names in the industry and is frequently called to judge tattoo competitions.

For years, he offered home service tattoos and has worked in other tattoo shops in the metro. In 2007, Myke became one of the founding artists of P&P tattoo. His expertise when it comes to tattoos includes black and grey works, Oriental Japanese, traditional American, and tribal tattoos among many others.

Without hesitation, Myke shares P&P tattoo’s secret to success—everyone in the shop is treated like family. P&P has become his second home and he has certainly dedicated a huge part of his life to the shop.

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